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Enduro 2
Enduro 2 - Racing Game

There are many motorcycle flash games out there, but sometimes you just want to play a classic side scrolling game which is only based on obstacles. In this case, you should try Enduro 2.

You will control the motorcycle with the directional keys and you simply have to keep it balanced while riding over various obstacles. You start off with 7 bikes and this is all you get. You will have to go through 16 levels of Enduro 2. In some cases, you need to focus and ride slowly, but other obstacles can't be surpassed without the use of speed. You need to be careful because the biker can lose his balance quite easily and if he touches any piece of the scenery with his body, you will lose a bike and have to start from the beginning of the level. If you lose all of your bikes, you will have to start from the beginning of the game. The tracks are well built and some of the hazards will cause you major problems. Even so, Enduro 2 is a great game and it can become addictive. At the beginning of each level, a score will appear and the number will start decreasing rapidly. The sooner you finish the level, the higher your score. If the number reaches 0, you can still advance to the next level, but you won't receive any points.

This game is perfect for those who like flash games which are based on motorcycle riding. The bike is fast and it can go over some amazing obstacles if you manage to balance it properly.

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