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Raft Wars
Raft Wars - Shooting Game

Raft Wars is a fun flash game in which you take control of two kids who are trying to protect a treasure. What you need to do is use some guns which can fire tennis balls, grenades and rockets and defeat your enemies which are located on another platform.

You can control everything with your mouse. At first, you have to move the mouse up and down and try finding the best angle for your shot and after that you simply have adjust the power of your shot. After you click the left mouse button, you will see if your projectile created some damage or not. Your enemies will have their turn and they can either hit you directly which will drain around half of your life bar, hit one of the two persons which you can control and send them flying off the raft or simply miss. At the beginning of each Raft Wars level, you will see the ideal number of shots which you can use for defeating the enemy. If you have to fire more projectiles, you can still win the round, but you won't receive bonus points. You can, however, gain extra points for finishing the level in a short amount of time. The number of enemies will grow as you advance, but you can also improve your raft or purchase stronger projectiles between levels.

In the end, Raft Wars is an entertaining game which relies on the strategy which you decide to use when firing your weapon.

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