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Hobo Prison Brawl
Hobo Prison Brawl - Action Game

Hobo Prison Brawl is a unique 3D flash game which takes place in a special location. You simply have to get into fights with everyone in the prison and use your special skills for surviving.

The hobo can be controlled with the directional keys and you have to press A to punch and S to kick. If you want to pick up a chair or other objects and throw them at those around you, you need to press the A key. As you advance, you will unlock a few special moves suck as spiting, puking and peeing. There are a total of 9 special moves and you can see which combination of keys you need to press to activate them by pressing the P key. Each level will get harder and harder and every hit you take will drain your life bar. If you die, try to remember the code of the last level because you can always start from where you left off. Hobo Prison Brawl is entertaining mainly because you can use some interesting special attacks. Some guards are powerful and you will often be attacked by more people at once. When this happens, you have to run around the map or try attacking in every direction. You can run from some of your enemies, but you won't be able to advance in the game until you beat everyone up.

Hobo Prison Brawl is one of the funniest flash games around and you will certainly find it amusing and challenging at the same time.

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