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TG Motocross 3
TG Motocross 3 - Racing Game

TG Motocross 3 is one of the best motorcycle balancing games. You have to use your skills and try riding across very rough terrain. You need to finish as many levels as possible, as fast as you can.

You can control the rider with the directional keys, but you can also perform some tricks by pressing the Z, X, C, V and B keys in mid air. When you start the first level of TG Motocross 3, you will notice that the bonus score will start dropping from 15.000 to 0. This means that you have to reach the end of the level as fast as possible if you want to gain a lot of extra points. Your regular score will be composed of the points you receive by performing stunts. The second level will come with more bonus points, but you will also have to face a longer and more difficult terrain. You can only fall off your bike two times and the third fall will end the game. The best way to figure out what will happen next is to take a look at the mini map. There is only possible route, so if you miss a jump, your biker will fall to his death.

TG Motocross 3 doesn't have continues. You will have to start from level 1 every time you lose your 3 lives and see if you can reach a higher level and perform more tricks. The game will take some of your time because it is very addictive.

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