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Enduro 3
Enduro 3 - Racing Game

Enduro 3 is a side scrolling motocross racing game. You will have to ride your bike through a junkyard and you have to reach the end of each level as soon as possible.

There are 16 levels in total, but finishing the game will be harder than you imagine. The first few levels are simple, you just have to use your directional keys and you will easily go over some cars and minor obstacles. After that, more and more cars will appear on the junkyard and you will have to focus if you want to go over them without turning over. At the end of each level, you will receive some bonus points depending on how fast you've reached the end. You only have 6 lives and if you happen to lose one, you will have to restart that particular level. The bonus points won't be available for long, so you might finish an entire level without gaining a single point if you don't do it fast enough. Your points will continue to add up until you reach the 16 level or until you consume all of your lives. When this happens, you can restart Enduro 3 or submit your high score. You will recognize some of the cars which you are riding your bike over, which makes the game a little more interesting.

In the end, Enduro 3 is a very entertaining game and you will surely try your best to reach the final level. If you are fast enough, you might even get a spot in the high score charts.

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