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5 Minutes - Wedding Day
5 Minutes - Wedding Day - Action Game

One of the most unique flash games around is 5 minutes - wedding day. In this game, your character will realize that he doesn't want to get married and you will have 5 minutes to help him commit suicide.

The game starts with a simple menu screen where you can personalize your character. After you're finished, you will have to act fast and start finding items which can hurt you. The game takes place inside a church, but you can walk around various rooms and you will find a lot of objects which can harm you. All you have to do is click on the place you want your character to walk to or the item which you want him to use. If you pick the right object, an animation will tell you how much damage you caused. You can use candles to burn your face, get into fights, eat chewing gum from the bottom of the seat and you can perform many other actions which will eventually kill your character. The goal of 5 minutes - wedding day is to find the actions which cause the most damage and get a high score by killing the groom as fast as you can. You can even perform combos by picking two items like a spray and a candle for setting yourself on fire.

In the end, 5 minutes - wedding day is an elaborate and unique game. The various actions which you can discover will certainly keep you entertained.

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