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Age Of War 2
Age Of War 2 - Adventure Game

Age of War 2 is an extremely challenging defensive strategy game that takes place in ancient times. To win the game you'll need to do more than just survive, you'll also need to defend your base from the attacks of your enemies. There are five ages, and as each age is conquered, a new one is accessed. To conquer an age you'll need to score a certain amount of points first. Points are given when enemy units are destroyed. You can build your own units and turrets to defend your base and attack the enemies.

As you continue to progress through the game you'll be able to improve the performance of your player and units by unlocking upgrades as you pass each level. You also evolve as a species as you progress through the game, experiencing five different ages of man. As you play Age of War 2 you can view your gaming statistics within the screen display. In the top left you'll notice a coin that represents how much money you have. You can use this money to bring new units and fighters onto the field when you need them. To bring a new unit onto the battlefield, you'll need to click the icon of a person on the right side of the screen, then choose the kind of unit you'd like to deploy.

If you want to be successful then you'll need to practice defense as well as offense in Age of War 2. You can setup turrets to defend your base at any time. Simply click the gun on the right side of your screen to select a turret, then once you've selected the turret you'll see a small red box. Drag the turret into the red box to begin using it. Once you've gathered enough points, you can evolve to the next stage by clicking on the star in the furthest right corner. It is important that you evolve to the next stage before your opponent does, or you will be greatly outmatched.

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