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Big Pixel Racing
Big Pixel Racing - Racing Game

Big Pixel Racing is an adventure racing game. The object of the game is to save your friend from the villain Big Dog who he owes money to because of a lost poker match. In the beginning your friend is in jail and he needs someone to bail him out. To earn money, you'll need to win races. The game is over when you finally beat Big Dog in all 5 races.

This racing game differs from many others because you start out in an open world and you're free to roam, which gives you a good opportunity to get used to the controls. As you roam around the map you'll see racing flags. These racing flags signify racing points. To start a race, drive up to one of these flags and press the spacebar. After the race begins you'll need to be on the lookout for bonuses that can give you an advantage during the race. Mushrooms will make you go really fast, so make sure to grab them at every chance and press the number 2 on your keyboard to use them. Weapons are also scattered around the track, don't be afraid of them unless they've been put there by an opponent. You can collect them and then use them on your opponents by pressing the X key. The key to winning in Big Pixel Racing is to buy upgrades.

At the end of every race you can buy upgrades that will make you go faster, and therefore more likely to win races. If you want to defeat Big Dog, then you'll need to buy an upgrade at the end of every race, but choose wisely because the wrong upgrade could spell disaster!

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