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Toss The Turtle
Toss The Turtle - Action Game

Toss the Turtle is a fun strategic challenge game that involves launching a turtle out of a cannon and shotting him as far as possible. The goal of the game is to buy as many upgrades as possible to meet each of the objectives within each level. The fun part about this game is that the turtle can be shot multiple times while he is in the air to keep him in the in the air for a longer period of time. When the turtle begins to drop simply click on the mouse button to shoot him, which will give him a small boost.

If you want to do your best at Toss the Turtle then you'll need to buy upgrades at the end of each round. You could also save your money to buy one big upgrade that may help you even more than the smaller less effective upgrades. When the game begins you'll be given the instructions, and then the gameplay screen will appear showing a cannon and a power meter to the left of it. Click the left mouse button and watch the power meter. Use the arrow keys to aim the cannon and release the mouse button when the power meter is at it's highest. When the turtle starts to come down a bit, shoot him to keep him in the air longer.

Each round you are given three bullets to shoot the turtle with, however you can grab extra bullets by clicking on the rewards given in the top right corner. You can also control the turtle while he is in the air and grab bonuses as you travel. To move the turtle slightly while he is in the air press the A,S,D and F keys on your keyboard. To win the Toss the Turtle you must max out all of the upgrades and complete every objective.

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