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Miami Shark
Miami Shark - Action Game

Miami Shark is a flash game with an interesting story: you play the role of a shark and you have to kill as many people as possible and destroy as many vehicles as you can.

Your shark will start swimming as soon as the game starts and he will stop after you travel 100 miles. During this period you have to use the directional keys and try catching as many people as possible. If you are near a vehicle or a person, you can press the CTRL or the A key and the shark will bite. There are many things that can be killed in Miami Shark: people who are swimming, scuba divers and dolphins. However, you won't score big points if you don�t jump out of the water and start destroying some vehicles. A simple jump can be enough to land on small boats and other vessels, but if you really want to have fun you will have to perform a superjump. If you want to make this jump, you have to take your shark at the bottom of the river and press the up arrow key without letting it go. This will make the shark fly high into the air and you might catch a plane, a helicopter or even a spaceship which often flies low for no apparent reason. If you manage to sink your teeth into a flying vehicle, you have to press the down key continuously and you will bring it into the water, causing a chain reaction of explosions.

Miami Shark is a great destruction game and you will have fun trying to jump on boats, people and even planes.

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