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Penguin Diner 2
Penguin Diner 2 - Adventure Game

Being quick is vital to success in Penguin Diner 2. It is a fast paced game where you must serve the local penguins their meals. It is very straightforward by only doing four things. These four things are as follows; sit the customers, take their order, bring them their arctic meal, and clean up after them and receive your pay. After each day you can spend your hard earned cash to buy different upgrades which allow you to do things easier, such as move faster or have the cook prepare the meals faster. There are six different categories to upgrade your Antarctic restaurant in. This aspect really makes Penguin Diner 2 far more interesting by combining upgrades to keep the little penguin customers happy which in return will yield more money. You can also change the appearance of Penny the penguin waitress by trading stars in. You receive a star for each day that you successfully finish. A useful save feature is incorporated into Penguin Diner 2 so if you need to take a break your progress will be saved and you can start right where you left off. Penny the waitress is so considerate by waiting for you! If you can become a successful penguin entrepreneur, then the entire South Pole might have use of you for future jobs as a restaurant owner in the middle of nowhere! It is a good thing these penguins are quite intelligent and order your refreshments or else Penny might be in trouble.

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