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Big Snow Tricks
Big Snow Tricks - Sports Game

Step into the shoes of an extreme snow champion for some excellent air time in Big Snow Tricks game. Press Space when your champ is at the gate to get started. Tap up to go goofy foot, or not. Hold Space to crouch, release it right before the lip of the jump for maximum lift. Bam! You're airborne.

Press left or right to rotate forward or backward, hold it to keep rotating. Tap up or down for a quarter-turn to the side. Hit Space to grab your snowboard/skis. Sounds simple, right? Oh, no.

Landing these stunts requires precision as well as style. Big Snow Tricks has an unforgiving physics engine and a built-in critic. After every jump, the game will give you a breakdown of everything you did right -- and wrong. Miss out on an important trick (or element of a trick), and it'll call you on it. Make your jump too much like your last one, and you'll literally get a giant DEJA VU! sign at the end of your jump.

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