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Stunt Master
Stunt Master - Racing Game

How often do you get to play a game where one of the goals is to break all your bones and end up a bloody mess in front of the cameras? Stunt Master pits you, your motorbike, and your car up against complex obstacle courses filled with ramps, explosives, collapsing scaffolding, oil drum stacks, and quite a bit more. Your goal is to make it to the front of the film crew, any way you can manage. Fly out of your car, through several panes of glass, over another car, and land on your face on a pile of sticks, breaking your skull, both arms, and a rib, and you've made it (and several bonus bucks along the way!)

The hardest thing to master about Stunt Master is when to slow down. The coolest stuff happens at maximum speed, no doubt, but you have to get to the end, and that often means slowing it down a little so that the staircase doesn't flip your bike, or so that you don't jump straight into the blades of the observation helicopter and remove your neck BEFORE the cameras can see it happen.

Every level offers a couple of Achievements that include hard to do items like flipping your car or bloodying every piece of clothing you're wearing. It's important to know, you can go back and replay a level even after you've beaten it in order to get the achievements, and you don't have to beat the level of Stunt Master to earn an achievement. Anything you get on a failed attempt sticks, so get crazy!

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