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Freeway Fury
Freeway Fury - Racing Game

Freeway Fury is an absurdly funny mix between car driving and carjacking on the freeway. Your main goal is to drive on the freeway in huge traffic for as long as possible and at the same time slam into other cars. However you will, at some point have to jack other's cars in order to survive!

Jumping from one car to another might sound easy, but it's actually quite hard not to jump one line too far and end up in the middle of the road as a red splash. You would want to achieve the highest score possible as the high score list is already populated by many top scorers. There are several bonuses you would want to take advantage from, such as slamming, car jumping, long distance jumping and many more.

The graphical element in Freeway Fury together with the humor creates a perfect match! If you enjoy such a mix between blood splatter and car racing then this is a game for you. As well as good graphics, the physics engine might give you a hard time after some minutes of playing as the traffic grows larger and larger, and in the end you might struggle to jump to the car you want!

Just a quick Freeway Fury tip: Try turning your speakers up as well as retrying several times. Once you get the hang of it, the game itself isn't as hard as you first thought it would be. Also remember that you get nitro from slamming the other cars and nitro is a huge advantage.

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